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Shree Vishwakarma Mahapooja - 16.09.2009

Sangha celebrated and performed for the first time , Shree Vishwakarma Mahapooja at Panvel, Navimumbai on 16-09-2009.

Shri. Narayana Purohit (Shree Kalikamba Vinayaka Temple Manglore) and Shri.Pavitra Shastry conducted the Mahapooja.

Shri. Suresh Shetty & party performed Bhajana program at Mahapooja function.

Gen.Manager of Maritime & Allied Co., Shri. Jagdeep Singh Rawat launched our Sangha website Vice-President Shri. B.Narasimha Acharya highlighted the importance of website in communicating the main objectives of this Sangha and its activities to Vishwakarmas living in different places.
This website was designed by Shri.Niranjan Adyar (Banglore) whom the Sangha gratefully thanked in this occasion.

Hon.Treasurer Shri. Shridhara Achar announced the list of following poor students whom Sangha awarded and distributed scholarships :-

1) Shri. Dhanraj (Panvel , Navimumbai)
2) Kumari. Anushree (Panvel, Navimumbai)
3) Kumari Namrita (Panvel Navimumbai)
4) Shri. Sanjay (Guruvayankere , Karnataka)
5) Kumari.Sushmita (Mangalore)
6) Kumari Sweta (Padubidri, Udupi)
7) Kumari Sandhya (Padubidri , Udupi)
8) Kumari Saumya (Padubdri, Udupi)
9) Shri.Santhosh ( Murudeshwar, Bhatkala)

3-D model of proposed Shree. Vishwakarma Bhavan and list of donors to Mahapooja were displayed at the Pooja function.

Hon.Secretary Shri. N. Padmanab Acharya proposed vote of thanks .

President Shri. Kannappa Acharya along with all other devotees offerred Mahapooja to Lord Shree Vishwakarma and this was followed by Mahajana Santarpane(Grand lunch).

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